Brendon Pierson

I am a full stack software developer interested in all things Web.

Background: I first got into coding while teaching high school science at a Nashville public school. With 160+ students, grading would take me an hour a day, if I stayed on top of it. I started to streamline the process with excel macros and direct upload to the school gradebook. I continuously refined my process over the course of the year until I was scanning in scores using Mastery Connect, then made a python web scraping script to grab the scores for all students, generate an analysis report, and save them in the propper format to upload to the gradebook.

Time spent grading went from over an hour down to five minutes, and I was hooked on programming. I was lucky enough to attend the Nashville Software School six month intensive boot camp. There I learned the tools and techniques of modern full-stack web development.

In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with RaspberryPis, arduinos, and cameras. Whenever I can I am rock climbing outside, hopefully in a cool place with cool people.

This website was made with jekyll, sass, and some plain old javascript.