Help Keep These Posts up to Date!

We’ve all been there. You google how to do some specific task in your language and framework of choice. You find a detailed tutorial that is exactly what you were looking for. Then the heartbreaker, it’s a couple of years old, the technologies have changed, the dependencies are outdated. I can’t stand it when that happens, so if you see anything go out of date or any errors, I welcome anyone to contribute by submitting a pull request. Here is the basic workflow of keeping these posts updated.

  1. You find some error or technology that has changed.
  2. Go to and fork the repository
  3. Make a branch on your repository git branch whatEverYouWantToNameTheNewFeatureOrChange
  4. To run the blog locally you will need to have all of the dependencies of jekyll installed, then from the project folder run jekyll serve and direct your browser to http://localhost:4000/
  5. Make changes. Commit your changes and submit a pull request to
  6. I will review and merge in your changes. Once they are merged, the website will be updated immediately.

If you aren’t comfortable with git/GitHub you can still report any issues and I’ll take a look.

  1. Go to (you will need to be logged in to GitHub)
  2. Click create new issue then be as descriptive as possible when describing the problem.
  3. I will try and fix the problem and you will be notified when the issue is closed.